This is the website of a serious artist, a woman who works very hard, knowing her best is yet to come.

Visually impaired (not blind) – with a serious eye disease, Central Serous Retinopathy, since June 1988, I have survived an exact 20 years, purely on positive thinking and Homeopathic treatment.

An excerpt form my poem ‘Anguish’

My sightless sight on distant realms resides
My hands on either side
are held by mates called Hope and Faith
I hurry on         
I have far to go.

I work with the help of a magnifying glass. Since I can hardly see color, my paintings, full of vibrant colours, are all worked out by estimation, from labeled paint-tubes.

Completely house-bound, I continue in spite of that and the loss of a 24 year-old son,(Sub. Lt Samir Sawhney, Indian Navy).

As the Art and Literary critic Mr Keshav Malik remarked at my recent exhibition and book release “The exhibition and the book show a new path to all those who think life ends with a disease. I love the way Yasmin uses oil on canvas.”

I use either featureless figures or ‘simple fish- eye’ compositions to comment on life as I see it.
Out of these, the painting on Mr. M.F. Husain and the accompanying poem is very special.  So is the - 'Glamour of the veil' series - which I painted during a phase of colour-blindness (a part of my eye-condition).

Hands, gestures, eyes, pots, stippled visual textures, complementary colours, and veiled/hooded figures transcending cultures and art periods, describe my work.


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