Yasmin Sawhney            Painter, poet, author, translator and portrait artist.
Early schooling                - Auckland House School, Shimla
Graduation                     - Isabella Thoburn College, Lucknow.
Post Graduation              - St. John's College, Agra.
Ikebana Course,             - Sogetsu School, New Delhi. 1966-‘67-‘68
Homeopathic Course       - Mavelil Homeo Mission, Trivandrum. 1977-78-79
                                       practiced for more than 25 years.
Dress designing              - (Designed commercially for many countries)
Creative-Writing Course  - Indira Gandhi National Open University - IGNOU 1999.
Computer-literate and learnt ‘JAWS’. - an integrated voice synthesizer’ software for the visually challenged.

As a serious self-taught artist, a creative background in Commercial Dress Designing, Textile Print-techniques and advanced Ikebana give me the necessary creative background.  As an experienced Homeopath I am trained (like in all Arts) to observe, analyze, sift and execute. It also gives me the essential grasp of anatomy
Drawing and colour-sense come naturally to me and an extensive personal library, on Art, helps me in my quest for beauty, balance, and permanence in my work.

Above all persistent hard work and the zeal to achieve help me the most.

Visually impaired (not blind) - with a serious retinal problem (Macula Degeneration (since 1988) - most works are executed with the help of a magnifying glass. The eye disorder creates visual distortion - disturbances in colour, form, depth, light, distance, field of vision, thus creating large time-gaps in my work. It also keeps me completely house-bound, yet I continue to paint and write diligently.

Homeopathic treatment by Delhi based Dr. Kalyan Banerjee has kept me going these past 15 years. In spite of Allopathic prognosis that I would lose my vision in a few years, 20 years down the line I can still paint, and write.

I believe books are the greatest teachers. One just has to learn the ability to glean from them.

In my creative work great encouragement came from Mr. Khushwant Singh (Author, senior-most journalist and columnist)  for writing, and Mr. Ebrahim Alkazi (a living legend — a gallerist, a collector, a patron of the arts), for painting.
And from Ms. Ajit Kaur (Writer), Arpana Caur (Painter), Ms Masooma Ali & Ms. Angela Koreth (Lecturers, Miranda House College, Delhi).

Emotionally, the memory of my son, Samir, eggs me on.

And my daughter Seema and son-in-law, Sudhir, always help and encourage me.

Since 2009 she can no longer read or write except with enlarged text on the computer, plus a magnifying glass, yet she moves on to fight the judicial case for the honour of her late son Sub Lt Samir Sawhney. She says finding the right kind of advocate is like looking for a needle in the haystack and she found the needle – shining, sharp and sure.


First Solo Exhibition… May 2002 - at Academy of Fine Art and Literature, New Delhi - highly appreciated by viewers and buyers. Widely covered by the media.

Second Solo Exhibition Feb-March 2004 at the India Habitat Centre was equally successful.

Indian Council for Cultural Relations New Delhi selected & exhibited Four paintings to be shown along with the works of other eminent Indian Women Artists to celebrate Women's Day 2004

Third solo exhibition and Book Launch … March 2007 inaugurated by the eminent Poet and Art critic Mr. Keshav Malik at Academy of Fine Art and Literature, New Delhi.

Mr. Keshav Malik said “The exhibition and the book show a new path to all those who think life ends with a disease. I love the way Yasmin uses oil on canvas. "I think that both content-wise as well as the visual treatment of it, is strong."

Fourth Solo Exhibition is due soon

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