First Solo Exhibtion 2002 (Extracts only)

Feb 2000        Hindustan Times   Mr. Khushwant Singh  “……her poems read  very well”

May 2002        Daily Excelsior     “A rare combination of a poet and painter.”

May 2002        Mr. V.P. Singh       Former Prime Minister of India  (Poet & Painter). “A beautiful confluence of painting and poetry.”

May 2002        The Pioneer “Woman of Substance. Her vision stirs the very depths of your soul. She sells dreams of how to live life and not brood over the past”

Sept 2002        Greh Shobha (popular Hindi magazine for women) Rashmi Kao “To fly in every sphere of life can only be the work of a resolute and courageous woman. In spite of great emotional loss, immense visual difficulty and being almost completely house-bound, Yasmin Sawhney “has kept alive her unending desire to practice art in all its forms.”Translated

July 2003         Femina … India’s foremost magazine for women “She is an artist and a poet who has defied all odds and still strives to realize her dreams”. 

Second solo exhibition - 2004 (Extracts only)

March 2004     Mr N.N. Jha - Lt. Governor of Pondicherry “ A most impressive collection”.

March 2004     The Hindu “What made her solo exhibition interesting was the amalgam of her exquisite poems with her paintings”.

April 2004        Safari India April  (Magazine for Tourism, Aviation, Hotels and Environment)“Yasmin Sawhney is among the rare artists who can express the same thought, simultaneously, in writing and painting”.

Third Solo Exhibition and Book release - 2007 (Extracts only)
with eminent art and
literary critic
Mr Keshav Malik
The book release Visitors Visitors

Covered by all National and regional newspapers and National News channels:
The Hindustan Times, The Times of India, The Pioneer, Indian Express, The Hindu, Business Standard, Economic Times, Asian Age, Metro Now and Enadu, Femina 19th June 2007, Exotica Magazine April 2007 issue.  


News Channels:- CNN-IBN, NDTV, Aaj Tak and DD news, Sahara News and ETV 

THE PIONEER ( March 2007)Jayita Bandhopadhyay….  “…a successful painter and poet”

METRO NOW -( March 2007) Women’s Day  - Supriya Sharma “painter Yasmin Sawhney is able to conjure up the most lucid poetry on canvas. Yasmin feels much more evolved as an artist today. She is putting up an exhibition of her new paintings/poems and also launching a book of her paintings, poems and translations”

DELHI MID DAY ( March, 2007) –  Yasmin Sawhney presents her third solo exhibition “a  blend of beauty, imagination and technical skills”

INDIAN EXPRESS – (20th March 2007) - Rashmi Kumar  - “In her third solo exhibition of Paintings and poems Yasmin Sawhney who paints and writes with the help of a magnifying glass…. attempts something no convex lens aid can peer into -- the workings of the soul.Art critic Keshav Malik, inaugurated the exhibition.

ASIAN AGE      (18th March 2007)  Yasmin Sawhney presents a varied repertoire and experiments with new colours themes in her third solo exhibition of paintings and poems at the Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, New Delhi”

NDTV - Electronic Coverage – (18th March 2007) Breakfast News – In the eyes of the beholder - Neha Kripal “For an artist, having to cope with visual disability can be painfully crippling. Yet Yasmin has thrived and chosen to work with oil-on-canvas, an equally challenging medium. Each painting by Sawhney, in the collection, has drawn inspiration from her own experiences”.  Also each painting is accompanied by a poem, penned by the artist herself - an interesting concept, marrying creativity on canvas with poetry.

Art critic Keshav Malik was at hand to release Yasmin's book ‘As The Soul Flies’,“ with its mix of paintings and poems, takes her unique blend of creativity a burst further”.  Of her work he said, "I think that both content-wise as well as the visual treatment of it, is strong."

DD News  Electronic Coverage - (22nd March 2007) Rang Tarang A multi-talented painter/poet/translator/author/portrait artist Yasmin Sawhney’s third solo exhibition, the emphasis was on the beauty of the eyes. Her efforts are worthy of appreciation. (Translated)

THE HINDU (23rd March 2007) - Art Critic - Rana Siddiqui With her sound knowledge of Art and Academics, Yasmin not only wrote hundreds of poems in English but also created paintings to go with them.  “What separates her works from others is her composition, colour and theme selection”.

HINDUSTAN TIMES  (6th April 2007)          
Artist Yasmin Sawhney did not let a crippling eye condition deter her from painting or living a full life. It has not dimmed her zest for life or her passion for painting. Yasmin is a relatively new entrant in the field of Art, but her creations show the maturity of a veteran.

EXOTICA- Pioneer (April 2007) Health and Life style magazine Jayita Bandhopadhyay – “Yasmin should be a grieving woman, but…. has fought partial blindness and the loss of her young son to become a successful painter and poet and has the energy and enthusiasm of a twenty-year-old. She almost magically digs out the silver lining in every stormy cloud.

FEMINA (June 2007): Purabi Sridhar Yasmin Sawhney’s art works“……..speak of old world charm, attention to detail, a pleasing colour palette, and an impressive play of light and shade.”

CNN-IBN (17th Nov. 2007) – featured on’ Living it up’ - a series of success stories on National Television “Yasmin Sawhney….. Her works are as professional as any in the market”


Fourth Sole Exhibition of paintings and poems   9th to 15th Oct 2009


The Soul has its reasons.

New X - New Channel -–An artist with a difference. She is a painter and a poet. What sets her
apart  is her abilities despite her challenge – she is visually impaired……..she creates magic  
with her paintings and poems which go side by side

P7News  News channel – (translated)  “skilled in both art forms  -  painting and poems, her each  painting and  each poem encourages others to move ahead, shows then new avenues.
 Yasmin knows how to get from darkness to light; from the ocean to the shore

Hindustan Times….09.10.2009  A feast for art lovers

Yasmin Sawhney's bold colours and neat lines give way to blurring nuances and stirring philosophies.  “Also a poet, her words are as evocative as her paintings”.

The Hindu   10th October 2009      A date with the real  by RANA SIDDIQUI ZAMAN
Symbol of courage
Yasmin Sawhney’s fresh colours… each painting in the exhibition is accompanied by a poem written by her. Her poem “Find Your Space”, accompanies a female figure stylishly lounging on a couch - “a time honoured woman of today who is in control of herself”.  Yasmin calls herself “a realist” and not a feminist; “I am not a wonder woman, I am a woman of today  - ageless,” .she concludes.
In 1994, her only son …..was killed in a Railway accident. She is still awaiting justice. She says she goes to the courts alone, often falling, as she can’t see but tries to “keep the spirit going”.

IndianArtCollectors :: The Latest Art News from Around the World
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The Soul Has Its Reasons -Anexhibition of brilliance. Yasmin Sawhney's bold colours and neat lines give way to blurring nuances and stirring philosophies. The boundaries between the real and the imagined blur as Yasmin explores the life and longing of nameless, sometimes faceless women. Visually impaired (not blind) since 1988, Yasmin is a self-taught artist. She works with a hand-held magnifying glass and paints in phases for 16 hours a day. Also a poet, her words are as evocative as her paintings.

The Mint - The Time Out Mint Planner - Business of Life - 8 Oct 2009
The highlight of this exhibition is faceless, fully covered women, who express a range of emotions through their gestures and stances. Also on display is The Eye in Many  Forms.  In this exhibition, Sawhney experiments with serigraphs, given her training and experience  in screen-printing techniques in screen-printing techniques

Safari India-  News  (Business, Leisure Travel and  and environment)
Yasmin Sawhney’s colours remain crisp and pleasing.  She experiments some more with Techniques and plays dexterously with line, image, colors, canvas space, spatial perspective and color temperature. Her paintings are semi-abstracts with a blend of beauty, imagination and technical skill, which would interest collectors and  connoisseurs.

“The Soul has its Reasons” by Yasmin Sawhney, Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, 4/6 Siri Fort Institutional Area, Khel Gaon Marg,


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